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We are a circuit of three congregations: Chemnitz-Erlöserkirche, Flöha and Augustusburg. Chemnitz is the largest congreagtion on the circuit with approximately 80-100 in attendance on Sundays. We have many young families and a lively children's and youth work. In Flöha we have between 30-50 people worshipping on Sundays. Our Flöha congregation is enriched by some Russian-German immigrants who have become an important part of our congregation. In 2004 we dedicated our new community church in Augustusburg after a two year building and renovation project. On Sundays 15-25 people attend worship in our beautiful new church premises. The 'Crossroads-Cafe is also an integral part of our work and mission in Augustusburg.

The circuit is served by a dedicated team of volunteers led by the pastoral team. Rev. Albrecht Weissbach, has been ministering on the circuit since 2013. Rev. Marcel Tappert lives in Flöha. He has been ministering on the circuit since September 2012.

Our motto on the circuit is: "Let's do life together!"...together with God, and together with each other. So, if you are in the neighbourhood, we would be delighted to welcome you to worship with us. We hope this website helps answer some of your questions, but please do feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Best wishes

Pastor Albrecht Weißbach
Tel. 0371 413728

Church address:
Augustusburger Str. 112
09557 Flöha
Germany (map)

Sunday service ...

There are two Methodist churches in Chemnitz:
the Peace Church" on the Kaßberg, and the Saviour"s Church" in Hilbersdorf. There is also a Methodist Hospital (Bethanien) in Chemnitz.

In Flöha there is just one Methodist church, the Christchurch". This is a small congregation with an average Sunday attendance of about 40. The church is however growing and has a vibrant children"s ministry.

The UMC in Augustusburg meets in our newly renovated premises. New life has breathed into our congregation through some young families who have recently joined. The Coffee shop and Christian book shop is open on Sunday afternoons.

The newest member in our district ist the Peacechurch in Freiberg. Our sisters and brothers in Christ from Cincinnati have helped to build a new building. we are so thankfull...

The English Language Fellowship is held once a month in Chemnitz, usually on the third Sunday of the month. The style is very relaxed and informal. Most of those attending are German students at school or university who are glad to worship God and hopefully improve their English at the same time!

The next dates for ELF can be obtained from Pastor Sloan at 0371 413728 or barry.sloan(at)emk.de

Some useful Links:

German Methodist Church: www.emk.de

Flöha Christus Church

Flöha Christus Church

Augustusburger Str. 112 09557 Flöha

Augustusburger Str. 112
09557 Flöha

Senior Pastor
Albrecht Weißbach
Tel. 0371 413728 Email
Pastor Marcel Tappert
Tel. 03726 7923659 Email


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